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Staying as a Guest

Embarking on a transformative journey, becoming a guest in our eco-community opens the door to a unique and enriching experience. At Cristaland, we extend a warm invitation to those seeking a sustainable and harmonious way of life.

Immersive Sustainability:

As a guest in our eco-community, you'll witness firsthand our commitment to sustainable living. From eco-friendly architecture to renewable energy practices, every aspect of our community is designed to minimize environmental impact. Join us in embracing a lifestyle that treads lightly on the Earth.

Community Connection:

Beyond sustainable practices, our eco-community is a vibrant tapestry of individuals who share a common vision. Engage with like-minded souls, participate in community events, and contribute to the collective well-being. Your time as a guest is an opportunity to connect with a diverse group united by a commitment to ecological harmony.


Well-being Self Retreat:

Experience the healing power of nature within our eco-community. Surrounded by lush landscapes and fresh air, your stay is a chance to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Connect with the natural rhythms of life and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.


Cultural Exchange:

Our community celebrates diversity, and your presence as a guest enriches our cultural tapestry. Share your experiences, learn from others, and participate in the exchange of ideas that transcend geographical boundaries. The connections forged here extend far beyond the physical boundaries of our community.



Booking Your Eco-Stay:

Ready to embark on this eco-adventure? At Cristaland, we open our doors to those seeking more than just a place to stay. Become a guest, embrace sustainability, foster connections, and immerse yourself in a way of life that harmonizes with the planet and nourishes the soul. Your journey into eco-living begins here.

Our Facilities...

14 hectares of biodiverse forest

Fully equipped kitchen and the possibility to join for healthy vegan/vegetarian meals

Zero waste showers & toilets around the land

Cozy communal living space with indoor fireplace

Outside wooden platform and intimate authentic dome for yoga and other practices

Open swimming Pool

Daily holistic events and weekly community activities

and much more...

We’d love to see you soon...

Type of accomodation

Thanks for registering. See you soon!

camping in the nature
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