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Our Story & Guidelines

The Full Story

At the beginning of Cristaland's journey, a visionary soul seeking communal living sat for meditation under a tree.​Little did he anticipate the unfolding of an extraordinary tale. The tree, a wise elder of the land, beckoned him to be a guardian, entrusted with the protection of the sacred soil. Confused with this mission, the old man accepted, unaware of the magic orchestration that awaited. ​Fast forward... Cristaland emerged as a flourishing non-profit association, a testament to the commitment of those who embraced the role of stewards.

Thanks to the dedication of all the humans involve in the project, they transform this landscape near Lagos into a haven.


At Cristaland, we are not owners but guardians of an ancient woodland.

​In the last years, we extend an invitation to partake in our rich legacy inviting guest to enjoy the land and our holistic activities. Our events and mindfulness practices are not just gatherings; they are echoes of a past that has shaped our present and influenced our future. From meditations to sound healings, ecstatic dances and ecological workshops, each moment is a testament to our journey.​​

community spirit

The Guidelines

As guardians, we have created guidelines to uphold the sanctity of this land:

No Drugs or Alcohol

We prohibit the consumption of drugs and alcohol, confining smoking to designated areas, and limiting dog access to the car parking area where they must be kept on leashes.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours begin after 10pm

Biodegradable Products Only

No Fires in Hotter Months

Only biodegradable products are allowed, for our water is a sacred offering to the land.


Responsibility is the heartbeat of our community. Each soul treads with accountability, mindful of the collective footprint left on this land. Therefore, everyone its responsable for the cleaning and protection of the space.

Fires, during the winter months, are allowed only in designated areas

Plant Based

Vegan and vegetarian sustenance nourishes our bodies, and meat is not allowed on the land.

Experience Cristaland Lagos 

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